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Spanish Steps Rome Italy

Spanish Steps in Rome

Spanish steps in Rome  There are few places in the world that express romance the way that the Spanish Steps …

trevi fountain posiden

Fountains in Rome

The Fountains of Rome Rome is a city of water.  Visitors to the city are often amazed by the plethora …

bernini fountain rome

The Fountain of Four Rivers

The Four Rivers Fountain  How would you describe Rome? The Eternal City? The City of the Seven Hills? The City …

Pompeii Vesuvius

Perfect Day Trip to Pompeii From Rome

Rome to Pompeii in a Day The ancient town of Pompeii is 150 miles from Rome in the Italian region …

Vatican City Flag

Is Vatican City a Country?

When was Vatican city founded? Is Vatican city a country? Yes, Vatican City is a new county that was born …