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lasagne tray

The Authentic Lasagne Recipe #LASAGNEDAY2020

Click Here For Traditional Recipe #LasagneDay is organised by the Italian Food Union and the International Pasta Organisation and features …

chariot racing

Circus Maximus

Today the Circus Maximus doesn’t look like much, it is a large grassy space between the Palatine hill and the …

Blog 2

The Roman Triumph: The Arches of Rome

A triumph was the greatest honour that an Emperor or general would ever receive in ancient Rome. The absolute highlight …

Blog 3

The Roman Castle: Castel St Angelo

 The year is 590 AD.  An assembly of the faithful have gathered outside the church of San Saba on the …

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Gian Lorenzo Bernini in Rome

King of the Baroque Picture the scene.  The year is 1667.  Music is playing in the distant background.  Perhaps the …